Facebook Wants To Prevent Suicides; Aptly Timed


Facebook Wants To Prevent Suicides; Aptly Timed

Facebook wants to play the role of good samaritan, and has announced that it will offer suicide prevention resources to users who post troubling messages.
The news comes shortly after an employee of a MNC company attempted suicide for being treated badly.
The person posted the rather disturbing messages on Facebook, but was deterred from taking his life after an outpour of helpful messages and posts from well wishers and friends.
The new feature on Facebook will look to encourage people who report suicidal posts to get in touch via call or message, and even help them seek advice from trained professionals on how to deal with the issue.
A dedicated team will look into posts which are flagged for containing potential suicidal content, who will then go on to elevate the issue by reaching out to the concerned person and persons reporting the post.
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As a more direct measure to prevent suicides, Facebook will also send notifications to users directing them to reach out for help or go through a set of tips that could help them get through their hard times.
While the company clearly states the feature isn’t a replacement for local emergency authorities, as seen in the case of the company, posts and messages from friends can in fact deter people from committing suicide.
The new feature is far more streamlined than previous approach that required users to upload links and screenshots of posts to the official Facebook suicide prevention page.
[Source: Facebook Safety/Office Chai]

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