Facebook Vice President for Mobile and Global Access Policy Kevin Martin, at the India Economic Convention 2015 clearly stated that Facebook will not withdraw its internet.org platform from India.

He said the concept was brought in as the telecom operators were providing different levels to speed to provide a faster access.

He added that through internet.org certain websites can be accessed free. The websites will not be charged but will need to comply with a certain technical code.

Kevin Martin also said, “We also have our connectivity lab which is looking at Drones and unmanned aerial vehicle to lower the cost of service to people without infrastructure. We are rolling out a kind of Wi-Fi service at a lower cost which is trying to adjust cost issue in other countries and looking out to do that in India. The only limitation for any developer to participate (in internet.Org) is that it has to be structured so that it uses limited amount of bandwidth.”

The social media giant is also planning to have a different set up that provides through internet.org. The company is also planning to launch a low cost wifi in other countries as well as in India.  [source]