Facebook Take Downs Highest in India [Reason: Religion & Criticism of State]


Facebook Take Downs Highest in India [Reason: Religion & Criticism of State]

India is easily one of the countries where law enforcement agencies and government agencies have gotten a lot of content from Facebook removed. In its latest report, Facebook revealed that between July- December 2013, the Indian government or law enforcement agencies made a total of 3598 requests asking for details of 4711 user accounts on the social networking site.

Facebook Transparency Report

Facebook provided the data asked by the government in more than half of the cases. Facebook, which published its second transparency report recently said

We restricted access in India to a number of pieces of content reported primarily by law enforcement officials and the India Computer Emergency Response Team under local laws prohibiting criticism of a religion or the state.

Based on such requests, 4765 pieces of content were restricted on Facebook. This is way more than the amount of content that has been restricted in other countries such as Brazil and UK.

The United States Made 12,589 requests asking for details of 18,715 user accounts and Facebook complied in 81 % of the cases. In UK, 1906 requests asking for details of 2277 accounts were made and Facebook complied in 71% of the cases. Only 3 pieces of content were restricted. Brazil made 1165 requests asking for 1651 user account details. Facebook complied in 33.82% cases.

With nearly 100 mn users, India is also Facebook’s largest market outside of the United States.

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