Is Facebook trying to win back some love?

God only knows what Facebook is doing to our children’s brains : Sean Parker, former president of Facebook.
Another Facebook exec, Chamath is “tremendously guilty” of creating Facebook
There are enough research that shows how Facebook / social media is bad for real world relationships and is instead becoming a source of depression.

Facebook’s traffic is down and in order to win back love, Facebook last week announced change to its news feed algo – with a lot more focus on engagement (and less on publisher/page content).
But then, Facebook is also doing lateral things which only Facebook can do; and which will bring back a lot of positivity to the platform.
Driving people to sign up for blood donation.

facebook blood donation campaign
facebook blood donation campaign
So far, 6 million people have signed up. This campaign was launched last year, but it has been given a massive push after the new news feed change announcement.
Should work for Facebook, right?

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