Facebook Claims to have 71 Mn Users in India; Looks for Larger Share of Digital Ad Spend

Facebook claims to have crossed 71 million users in India and is looking at a larger share of the digital advertising spend in India- a market which it believes to be low on ad spend as a percentage of the gross domestic product.

In an interview, the social network’s India head Krithiga Reddy said:

As of December 31…it’s 71 mnn users…India has a much lower advertising spend today in terms of percentage of GDP. Today, only 11% of the overall marketing pie is digital. Of that, I think 13% is social. [source]

Though Facebook claims that it has 71 million users from India, the advertising stats show 63,692,540 users.FB_India_April_2013_Stats

As the social network looks to grow in emerging markets, it has been seeing higher mobile usage as compared to desktop usage. It is also seeing people using Facebook messenger 1.5x more than the global average.

Its interesting to see Facebook raking up ad revenues. As large advertisers like Samsung set aside a part of their ad budgets, rival Google must have started to feel the heat. For the launch of the Samsung Galaxy SIII,  the Korean phone maker spent 30% of it’s digital marketing budget of the social network.

Meanwhile, Facebook has been pushing hard on the mobile front. The company, which recently launched Facebook Home– a mobile interface for Facebook users on Android- has seen over 500,000 downloads in a week from launch.

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