Facebook Is Fundamentally Changing The Way It Ranks Videos

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Facebook Is Fundamentally Changing The Way It Ranks Videos

Facebook is adding more signals to rank videos on your News Feed to make sure that you only see videos that are compelling on its social network.


The company will expand on the traditional metrics such as likes, shares and comments and start taking into account whether viewers are activating audio, making a video full screen and other actions that indicate interest.

Facebook is making the change since it found that people don’t always like, share or comment on posts that they find meaningful, making it hard for the social network to recommend more content.

Earlier this month, the company changed the way it recommended regular posts on a user’s News Feed based on how much time a user spent reading it.

The change, however, doesn’t mean that users will begin to see more videos in their News Feed and will not alter the change Facebook made a year ago which has allowed it to grow into a video behemoth that’s rivaling Google’s YouTube.

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