Facebook To Add WhatsApp Integration In Its Big Blue App For Android [How Deep Will It Go?]

Facebook has apparently begun testing integration of its WhatsApp messenger within its ‘Big Blue’ app for Android. The move comes nearly a year after Facebook acquired WhatsApp messenger for a cool $19 billion dollars.
If true, this could be the first instance of Facebook integrating WhatsApp with its own native services.
Screenshots of the Facebook app (version shows the ubiquitous WhatsApp logo along with a ‘send’ function. The feature will most likely allow users share posts from Facebook with their friends on WhatsApp.
We weren’t able to download and install the Facebook for Android version app, either from the Play Store or APKMirror, but the company could be conducting A/B testing in which case only a select group of users should see the new functionality turned on.
The Facebook-WhatsApp integration does have the potential to drive revenues for the social network, though the latter app will remain ad-free. By getting users to share posts with friends on WhatsApp, the company can drive more traffic to its main site/app, where it does advertise.
However, it is to be seen how deep such integration goes, and whether Facebook will use WhatsApp data to determine what ads to show users. The prospects of this could scare users, with the threat of Facebook reading people’s personal messages for better ad customization.
The move could also promote use of Facebook among WhatsApp users that aren’t already on the social network, and vice versa.
[via: Geektime]
[Image courtesy: Geektime]

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