Facebook’s 300 Crores Goes Down The Drain; Thank You TRAI For #StandingUp !

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Facebook’s 300 Crores Goes Down The Drain; Thank You TRAI For #StandingUp !

Facebook spent whopping Rs. 300 crores to get people to support its Free Basics program, a program that will give Facebook control over what users will have access to.

TRAI questioned Facebook’s methodology of garnering support (which has been full of unethical practices) and TRAI has now given Facebook what it deserved – Babaji ka Thullu!

Excerpts from TRAI’s response and believe us, this is probably the most badass things we have seen in the recent times (entire doc here).

Facebook : Self-appointed Spokesmanship?

Facebook : The self-appointed spokesperson!
Facebook : The self-appointed spokesperson!

Deep Misgivings

Facebook's Deep Misgivings?
Facebook’s Deep Misgivings?

Templatized Response Is..Misplaced


Facebook : Fake It..?
Facebook : Fake It..?

Our Take: Well, Facebook gets what it deserved. When it comes to China, Mr. Zuckerberg tries to portray himself as *that-nice-son-in-law*, but for India – he thinks he can do anything and get away.

TLDR; This is what it is!

Babaji Ka Thullu
Babaji Ka Thullu

Again, thank you TRAI for restoring our faith.

And by the way, isn’t it a shame that Indian unicorn founders and NASSCOM have actually decided to stay silent on this issue.

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  1. Ud

    – internet.org definitely does not deserve the visceral reactions it’s been getting.

    – It’s a genuine effort by an arguably responsible company with a good hearted leader and an effort in the right direction.

    – Instead of all this negativity going around, we should have given it a chance. The advantage it will bring to parts of the society could have been incredible.
    – Just one child in a village discovering wikipedia in his regional language via the free internet on his family phone would have made this effort worth it.

    – If it would have turned negative as the cynics say it will, it wouldn’t have been hard for the government to THEN put a stop to it.

    – And really, if you sit and think unbiasedly about it, this is not really a net neutrality issue.
    – In the Netflix-Comcast case, Comcast was asking for money from Netflix as it used more resources.
    – End customers were not given a choice. If you sign up for Comcast, you participate in this ‘extortion’ ….that violates net neutrality. Comcast was differentiating between it’s clients (Netflix), …..that violates net neutrality.

    – With internet.org, customers always have options to go paid and get unfettered access.
    – No neutrality is violated at all.
    – Right now it’s as if you are crying out about the decent enough free grains from the ration store that the poor will get when instead they should have been given a choice between basmati and other kinds of rice grains. So they should stop getting grains altogether. Illogical ?
    – With this logic, paying more for better speed or for access to more data download is also a violation of net ‘neutrality’

    – In the end, it’s a knee-jerk reaction by people exposed to the international tech scene … we do not think or understand the advantages it brings to other parts of the society ….. and it seriously undermines my confidence in our country to make the right decisions.

    – I deeply deeply regret that the internet.org initiative wasn’t started before the ‘real’ net neutrality fiasco in the US.
    – It’s only the Netflix-Comcast influence that the keyword ‘net neutrality’ was brought into the English dictionary in India.

  2. Catapult

    Wake up. That’s exactly what they said they will do.

  3. Catapult

    Very true, indeed. These hipsters are our middle-class brethren who shudder at the thought of someone else getting stuff for free, but they themselves hunt for deals and diss companies who don’t fall for them.

  4. Ud

    Ah, Thank you for the correction…. I always have issues with that word … ‘losing’

  5. Biswas

    Says who? Somebody who doesn’t know the difference between ‘lose’ and ‘loose’? Bitch please …..

  6. Ud

    The title indicates great happiness that someone is loosing money when their intention was to bring connectivity to people. Sad.

  7. Ud

    This is such a bad result for India.

    Hipsters there look at the ‘real’ case of net neutrality issues in the US and illogically apply it to this case.

    I wish Facebook had introduced this project before the net neutrality fiasco in the US… Our hipsters wouldn’t have raised this issue …. Now it’s just the herd mentality and without grasping the meaning of net neutrality, these hipsters just follow each other and talk against it….

    What these hipsters discount is the ‘power’ and the economic benefits that increased connectivity bring …. Especially to the rural areas …. It’s just sad and very disappointing … The turn of the of events …

    Oh btw, this is a grossly unprofessional article … For someone who writes about businesses ….
    ‘Goes down the drain’, ‘babaji ka thulla ‘ …. Seriously ? Try to borrow professionalism from international publications instead of other hipster things ….

  8. Net neutrality should be maintained. If Facebook is that worried about providing free access to poor people,then why can’t it get in understanding with telecos to offer low cost data charges to people may be based on handset or location or any other parameter which helps to identify them as poor..

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