Facebook’s 300 Crores Goes Down The Drain; Thank You TRAI For #StandingUp !

Facebook spent whopping Rs. 300 crores to get people to support its Free Basics program, a program that will give Facebook control over what users will have access to.

TRAI questioned Facebook’s methodology of garnering support (which has been full of unethical practices) and TRAI has now given Facebook what it deserved – Babaji ka Thullu!

Excerpts from TRAI’s response and believe us, this is probably the most badass things we have seen in the recent times (entire doc here).

Facebook : Self-appointed Spokesmanship?

Facebook : The self-appointed spokesperson!
Facebook : The self-appointed spokesperson!

Deep Misgivings

Facebook's Deep Misgivings?
Facebook’s Deep Misgivings?

Templatized Response Is..Misplaced


Facebook : Fake It..?
Facebook : Fake It..?

Our Take: Well, Facebook gets what it deserved. When it comes to China, Mr. Zuckerberg tries to portray himself as *that-nice-son-in-law*, but for India – he thinks he can do anything and get away.

TLDR; This is what it is!

Babaji Ka Thullu
Babaji Ka Thullu

Again, thank you TRAI for restoring our faith.

And by the way, isn’t it a shame that Indian unicorn founders and NASSCOM have actually decided to stay silent on this issue.

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