TV Meets Web : Facebook Launches ‘TRP Buying’, New Marketing Tool For TV Ad Buyers

Facebook has launched a new purchasing product named ‘TRP Buying’– which uses target-rating points as a metric.

The TRP buying system was born out of Facebook’s partnership with Nielsen’s Digital Ad Ratings Division, which has the ability to verify facebook’s ad performance in relation with TV spots.

The TRPs shall determine the cost of a Facebook video ad to inform marketers on how to target consumers via Facebook as well as TV.

“Marketers can plan a campaign across TV and Facebook with a total TRP target in mind, and they can buy a share of those TRPs directly with Facebook. Then, Nielsen’s Digital Ad Ratings measurement system can verify Facebook’s in-target TRP delivery, and Nielsen’s Total Ad Ratings system can verify the TRP delivery for Facebook and television combined,” says sates Facebook.


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