Fachak Launches MashBox, Single Embedded Player for Rich Media Content

Fachak (review) has launched Mashbox, a single embedded player for all things rich content – i.e. videos from youtube, presentations from slide, image slideshows – i.e. mixed format compilations.

The basic premise of Fachak is that users consume information and not formats – and hence, Fachak allows one to create mashups across different media and suggests related content while you are browsing content.

Essentially, MashBox would enable you to pick up your favourite content from across the internet and make it accessible through a single embeddable player.

Have a look at this Google logo mashbox:

The challenge that  I see with Fachak is lack of clear and concise positioning (slideshare too has enabled youtube integration)– maybe focusing on few sectors will help (say, education) or creating few verticals will help them.

What’s your take?

What do you think?

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