Fachak – Multi-format , Multi-source Content Sharing Platform [500 Invites]

With the growth of rich media sites (and formats), comes the need for a central repository which allows one to store/aggregate different kind of media in one place.

Fachak is essentially trying to do the same – i.e. be the meebo of content sharing (format and source agnostic platform)

And that means, users can browse media irrespective of source and format (one can also upload files) enable users to create mashup of rich media (across different formats – currently supports Flickr/YouTube and slideshare).

In their own words:

“It’s not a pure aggregator, neither is it a pure bookmarker, rather it’s an independent ‘multi-format’ & ‘multi-source’ content sharing platform.

  1. An independent platform that creates a new layer on top of existing rich-content sharing services.
  2. Format neutral; so a user can share & view a presentation, a video, an image & a document with equal ease.
  3. A one stop front-end solution, where a user can upload various rich format files from his computer within a single interface, besides sharing existing content on internet.
  4. A novel & awesome way to tie up content on the same topic present in different formats all over the internet.”

The basic premise of Fachak is that users consume information and not formats – and hence, Fachak allows one to create mashups across different media and suggests related content while you are browsing the site.

Feature suggestion – Maybe it’s a bug, but I was really looking forward to a feature which allows one to save the mashup and share with others (as embedded code/link).

The concept is very neat and I see a strong utility in enterprise domains as well (for e.g. educational). The product has jagged edges, but given that they entered alpha state today itself,  you should be a little easy with them!

We have 500 invites to give away – hop here and register. Do register and share your opinion on Fachak.

Fachak is part of Morpheus Venture Partners’ second batch of startups.

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