FAQ: Hackathon [“I do not have an Idea. Can I Participate?”]

The Pluggd.in Hackathon, one of its kind and the first Hackathon in India that “actually” focuses on Indian companies is scheduled for November 4th (3 PM onwards), 5th and 6th.

While the Pluggd.in team is working hard to create an immensely great experience for hackers, here are a common FAQs that will help you understand more about the event:

Qn: I do not have a  team. Can I Participate?

Answer: YES. “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.(Lao-tzu)”. So come over.

Qn: Frankly, I do not have an idea. Can I still participate?

Answer: YES.

Come over. There will be a lot of people who will have amazing ideas. Talk to them and you will soon find yourself hacking along.

Qn: Is it that I am expected to ONLY use the APIs from Indian companies?

Answer: NOT at all. Come up with your own stuff, your own creation and as you see-fit, use APIs from homegrown companies (this ain’t mandatory though).

Qn: The winning entries get to demo at UnPluggd (in Pune). Who arranges for the travel? cost etc?

Answer: You. We are giving you a BIG platform to launch your product. Like any other participant, you are expected to arrange for your travel etc.

Qn: I am working for <a big (MNC) company>. Can I still participate?

Answer: YES.

Qn: We are a startup and would like to send our team to develop stuff that we have been planning for quite some time (and never got the time to). Shall we?

Answer: YES. Use this opportunity. You will be amazed to see the results.

Qn: I am a student. Can I participate?

Answer: YES. We have students coming from B-schools to participate in the event. Do connect with us (for a special discount meant only for students)

Qn: Is it necessary for winning entries to demo @UnPluggd?

Answer: NOT at all. It’s your choice and will be a function of your seriousness towards going full-time with the product.

Qn: I am not a geek, but a marketer/sales guy/girl. Should I participate?

Anwer: Why not? Building a product requires multiple hats – but ensure that you are willing to learn (new stuff), unlearn and open to news ideas. That is, if you are enterprising by nature, you should be present at Hackathon

Qn: Is there a winning prize also?

Answer; Yeah baby! Wait for Monday and we will announce that (and trust us, you will love it!)

Qn: Can I pay at the venue?

Answer: Yes. But we recommend that you buy tickets online (helps us plan the operations).

Qn: Who are the mentors?

Answer: Details will be announced next week.

Qn. Do I have to buy both Hackathon and UnPluggd tickets?

Answer: Not at all. Buy tickets individually (link: http://unpluggd4.ayojak.com OR http://unpluggd.doattend.com). There is no association between the two events as far as ticketing is concerned.

Hackathon Details

  • Date: November 4th (3 PM onwards), 5th & 6th (entire day) – i.e. 2.5 days event.
  • Venue: Jaaga, Bangalore. (address here)
  • Ticket: Rs. 1800/. Early bird discount: Rs. 1400/ (use the code: HACKBUDDY, extended till today). The ticket price includes lunch/coffee/snacks etc. during 2.5 days of the event

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Hackathon : Agenda

  • Get together the evening of 4th November and find a team (or get yours)
  • Get your business idea sounded with mentors, PI team, others.
  • Get together on 5th morning.
  • Start coding.
  • Go Home (after 7/8 PM or so).
  • Get together on 6th morning. Start coding.
  • 6th Nov – evening 4 pm – have a prototype ready.
  • Demo to mentors, investors, audience, others from 6 pm to 9 pm.
  • Sleep.

Got more questions? Feel free to ask at the Facebook group,

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