Farming by chanting mantra through Whatsapp Videos, the Goa Way

For the past week, farmers in the tourist haven of Goa have been getting WhatsApp videos promoting a new technique to improve crop yields — by chanting ancient Hindu mantras.
According to the Indian Express, Goa’s agriculture minister, Vijai Sardesai, has been promoting “cosmic farming” — a technique that involves channeling “Shakti,” spiritual power, into the soil.
The mantras demonstrated in the WhatsApp videos are said to reinvigorate microorganisms in the soil so that fertilizers can slowly be phased out. “I was skeptical at first, too, but it’s not magic,” Sardesai said to the Express. “There are studies backing this method.”
Sardesai was inspired to promote cosmic farming by his wife, Usha, a devotee of the Shiv Yog sect, who had tested the chanting method on the orchids on her front porch.

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