5 Products I fell in love with in 2017.

Alright. I just realized that Jan of 2018 is over and I’d rather share my list of 5 super cool products I fell in love with last year now than never – more so because I really believe that these products deserve special mention.
In no particular order, here are a few products I am totally in love with.
1. Saregama Caravan.
Caravan is a music player that comes preloaded with 5000 evergreen Hindi songs from legends like Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar, R.D Burman and many more.
Caravan defies a lot of ‘standard norms’ (the regular qns like: who will buy this, as one can always listen to old songs on saavn/youtube), and is a beautiful example of great product packaging.
– Buy from Amazon.
2. Newton Mail.
I have tried pretty much all the mail apps so far (across operating systems/devices) and I am now fixed on Newton mail.
This is a wonderful app which has great set of features (like read receipts/third party app integrations etc) and is extremely fast. Unlike other cool mail apps, Newton mail is also available for Windows (see the next point).
Buy Newton Mail (a bit costly $50/year, but totally worth it if you love your inbox).
3. My Windows Laptop.

I sold my Macbook Air last year and have totally switched to Windows (I still use an iPhone 8+).
Windows 10 is quite an OS. I like the freedom of Windows, as opposed to walled garden approach of Mac and more so because of the touch screen laptop I use.
That is, HP Pavilion 13-u104TU.
A bit costly (from Windows standpoint, ~Rs 50K+), but worth it if you are looking at options outside Mac. I love the touchscreen feature of this laptop and most importantly, it works without any issues (still being a Windows machine)!
4. HP Sprocket.

This isn’t my most used product, but is quite handy and useful tool.
HP Sprocket is a compact printer which lets you print photos directly from your phones.

Very useful when you are out on vacations and want to print a few family pics (basically it competes with the photographers at tourist spots). What I like about this is how simple, compact and elegant the product is – solves a small usecase, but does it very effectively.
Buy from Amazon.
5. Alexa
Okay not the lady Alexa, but Amazon Echo.
I use Echo for listening to podcasts / news and while I am still exploring the multiple integrations, this gives you a peek into the future of content consumption / delivery and I stay fascinated with the device (and its goofups when it comes to India specific queries).
It is much more fun(nier) than Siri, for sure.
Buy Echo from Amazon.

What are the products you have fell in love with recently?

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