Stop Working On That Feedly Substitute, Facebook now Saves!

Facebook now lets you Save for later.


This is for links shared on your timeline (and more). Which is perfect, because a majority of content discovery happens on social media anyway, and then you don’t always have the time right then to read that long form article the headline of which, coupled with the comments from your friend, have already aroused your curiosity.

Thus opens another tab that stays open for a while before you either manage to get to it – choosing from the many open ones – or decide to kill because the laptop’s slowing down or you lose interest, given other priorities.


There have been other read-later apps and extensions, and some that help socially share the link as well.

But given how “social” double equals “Facebook” for a lot of the audience, this, as they say, is it!

RSS feeds were already dead. And Feedly etc were managing to just about stay afloat. This might well be the proverbial last nail in the coffin for some of those. Especially given how this works across devices – go ahead and save on your phone and read at leisure on your iPad, or your laptop, or smart TV. Remember, they also own WhatsApp – the other place on the phone where a lot gets shared!

The update also mentions the ability to save places – and it does!


That’s a pretty good start of a personal local directory of places I end up seeing on my timeline. I don’t necessarily have to Like or Follow these business, I can just make a little note for later.

Right now you can merely share the page/location/link shared with an audience, but Facebook can  easily extend this to shared resources and directories, to be part of shared Saves on groups, for instance. Remember, they also own WhatsApp – the other place on the phone where a lot gets shared!

That will open up a veritable Pandora’s box of businesses it starts to step on the toes of. Given how much of a habit Facebook is, and how deeply integrated into our social lives, commentary, discovery and recommendations it has become, ignoring it is not an option.

Zomato, Justdial etc better start thinking now, not later! And if you’re building “the next Feedly” or some such, please spare yourself the pain.

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