Fbpay Makes it Easy for Small Businesses on Facebook to Sell Stuff

So you are a small business and you’ve created an amazing community around your business on Facebook. Now what? Make money off it, of course! Fbpay, a service we came across recently lets you do that in a jiffy.

Fbpay is a simple tool which lets you create a page where your customers or friends can pay you for the services or products that you are selling. You get a unique link to which you can drive buyers. When they land on your page, they can buy the goods you are selling.


FBPay charges a 5% fee per transaction. You can choose if you want your customer to pay or if you’d like to pay the transaction fee for yourself. You can send an email confirmation (customizable) after someone buys a ticket from you.

It automatically syncs with your Facebook events and lets you update the page with the Fbpay link where you can ask buyers to pay. A neat little dashboard lets you keep track of the tickets you’ve sold. It also lets you export all the data, in case you need to use it on another system.

We found the service incredibly easy to setup. Essentially, Fbpay takes care of all the backend hassles for you. It’s ideal for digital goods, tickets and such. Fbpay could do with some analytics that gives sellers better insights on buyers.

Fbpay’s take on instant online selling is quite interesting because of its focus on Facebook. Many small businesses have already invested time and energy into creating a following around their Facebook page. It is only natural to want to sell to these groups. Small businesses also don’t care about techie products, that are complicated to setup.

Here’s a look at how it works.


Now services like Instamojo let you do this too. It has similar pricing (5% flat) and also gives you API access. Mumbai based SellMojo, a full featured store complete with shipping integration and inventory management, also lets you create Facebook stores.

Always good to have choices!

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