FDA Issues Notice to Food Delivery Apps..Who owns the food quality?

We have asked this earlier as well – who in the aggregator business owns the quality?

When things are going right: Everybody owns. And boasts.

When things go wrong: Nobody owns. The aggregator passes on the blame to the creator  , who does the same to delivery ..and the blame game goes on and on. By the way, there is a legal T&C which you approve during signup process which protects the aggregator from any mishaps.

Thankfully, FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has taken notice of this and has issued notice to food aggregators like Swiggy, Zomato, Uber and Foodpanda.

With the rise of cloud kitchen concept, be assured that you won’t (and wouldn’t want to) get to know how/where your food was prepared.

Earlier, Freshmenu was fined for dirty kitchen.

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