On Teachers day, Fedena launches V2.3 with support for CCE, CWA and GPA standards

Open source school management service, Fedena has launched its latest version (download from github). New features of V2.3 include:

  • Support for CCE(CBSE), CWA & GPA grading standards
  • Supports 4 new languages – Japanese, Portuguese, German & Marathi. (Already supports Spanish, Arabic, Hindi & English)
  • Enhanced report centre for examination
  • Separate dashboard for Parent (Previously parent & student view were same)
  • Enhanced timetable & attendance

Bangalore based startup, Fedena now powers more than 40,000 institutions around the world, including implementation in 15,000 Schools of Kerala – India, which is now a case study for successful implementation of e-gov projects across the world (the project is acclaimed by ruby on rails community and David Heinemeier Hansson – creator of Ruby on Rails).fedena_marketplace

The main enhancement in Fedena 2.3 is the complete restructuring of the Examination module and making Timetable and Attendance module independent of each other.  Examination module in Fedena is completely restructured and now includes GPA and CWA evaluation methods as per international standards and also supports CCE evaluation method, as per CBSE guidelines.

As far as business model is concerned, Fedena follows the open source model of giving the software for free and charging for installations/training and support/maintenance (also dual licensing/hosting services)

The company has also introduce plugin marketplace, enabling developers to develop plugins for fedena system.

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