Feedspot RSS Reader Brings Familiarity of Google Reader With Social Features


It’s more than a week now since we bid adieu to Google reader. Ever since Google announced that it will shut Google reader, users have been on the lookout for a better alternative. Meanwhile, many companies came up with their alternatives to woo users. While we tried a few alternatives to Google reader, not all of it works for everyone. The latest to feed reader on the block is Feedpost. The reader, though still in beta, lives up to expectations.

Familiar Interface

Feedspot looks a lot like Google reader. It’s got the same keyboard shortcuts and similar navigation features that makes you feel at home! One can view all the important stuff in a single go with the compact list view or in a detailed view. It also lets you follow folders created by others if you are too lazy to curate.


It’s keyword search within articles and folders is a new and fresh feature which even Feedly and Digg does not have. A paid upgrade version unlocks new features including article search within RSS feeds,advanced sharing options,no advertisements and RSS feeds for your folders,tags,shared and favorites. And all of this starts at $1.99 per month.

The Icing

Interactive social media and sharing options is the icing on the cake. It automatically posts your favorite and shared items on digital media of your choice ranging from Twitter, Facebook to Instapaper and Evernote.

You can import contacts from your email to find and follow friends to see their shared posts or share a image,video or a text message update. Feedspot jpg 2

For me Feedspot is an awesome replacement of Google reader. In a fast and simple manner it allows me to keep an eye on the latest. Do I need more?

Founded by Anuj Agarwal, Feedspot launched in August 2012 with built in social features and a focus on streaming  topics and feeds with a user’s Twitter account. It was sort of an answer to Google reader which removed its social features such as friending and following back then.

Feedspot is another addition to the long list of RSS readers which came as an alternative to Google reader. We wonder how many more RSS readers will join the queue before this madness around building Google reader alternative ends.

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