27% of Facebook Audience In India Are Female : Ad Rates Only 1% Higher Than Males

The thing about Facebook advertising is that ad rates for Female are much higher than men – i.e. there is more demand for a female user (from an advertiser point of view). In US, the ad rates for female is 8% higher than male – but India has a different story to tell.

As per a report by InsideFacebook, female population accounts for 27% of Facebook audience in India but the ad rates are only 1% higher than for males.FB_age_US_India

“There is more demand for the female consumer, especially on the Facebook platform, which drives up rates. In most top markets, this holds true; female ad rates are 8% higher in the U.S.
In the U.S., ad rates for older age groups are higher due to the size of audience and demand of older age groups. In India, we do see an increase in ad rates for older age groups, but we find it to be inconsistent with the increase found in older age groups in the U.S. audience. This despite the fact that India skews younger, with 87% of the country’s audience under 34 years old.”

This is an interesting data, though keep in mind that female accounts on Facebook also translate to a lot of fake Facebook profiles from India (thanks to social media agencies) and such studies will always be skewed towards an incorrect dataset.

Having said that, this data also reflects a point of view that advertisers aren’t really willing to pay extra for the female eye balls?

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