Few Interesting Insights we derived from selling UnPluGGd DVDs

Table of Contents Hide PI Readers are Fat, oops..Your thoughts on NCR?Payment OptionsWanna Grab Your Copy of UnPluGGd DVD? So far, we have received almost 250 requests for the UnPluGGd…

So far, we have received almost 250 requests for the UnPluGGd DVDs and we are ofcourse proud of the fact that 250+ people are interested in an event content, probably first for any event in India.PI Reader Tee Size

Coming back to the topic, we have some interesting data to share

PI Readers are Fat, oops..

Sorry guys (and girls), but our Tee partner told us that on an average L and M sizes are generally in huge demand, while we have seen XL and XXLs to be the demand of the hour.

Either our readers are fat (i.e. lazy bums, who do not even move their mouse to click on ads :D) or they are way too smart and plan for scale!

Take a look at the chart on your right.

Your thoughts on NCR?UnPluGGd DVD Demand City

When it comes to startup ecosystem, top cities that generally get discussed are Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune.

NCR (i.e. Delhi/Gurgaon/Noida) is generally considered not so product savvy and general perception is that not much happens in NCR.

Maybe it’s time to rethink.

The amount of response we have received from NCR is huge. In fact, if you combine all the three regions, demand is more than Bangalore.

Which essentially talks about the interest this part of the country has for a content like this (so now you know where the next UnPluGGd is going to be held!).

Others (in the chart) comprises of Noida, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Mysore, Kochi, Ahmedabad etc and most importantly, North East cities (3 requests) and Kashmir (2 requests).

Payment Options

We sucked at conversion because a lot of people didn’t have bank service that enabled them to transfer money online. Having said that, 75% people opted for Bank transfer, while 25% for Paypal.

And guess which had more conversion?

Paypal. Because it was easier/simpler process vs. online transfer.

Wanna Grab Your Copy of UnPluGGd DVD?

As we said earlier, you can grab the DVD (costs Rs. 200/) and we are giving away free UnPluGGd Tee along with the same.

If you wanna avail the offer (of free Tee), you have to order before June 6th, 2010.

Fill up the form (and yeah, we do not have XL/XLs left anymore, so bear with us).

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