Want to prevent sexual assault? There’s an app for that

Mobile value added service provider CanvasM Technologies has launched an application to help and prevent rapes and make women safer. The app called FightBack, uses GPS, SMS, Location Maps, GPRS, E-mail and the users Facebook account to help you alert your friends in case you are in danger.

The app was launched on Thursday, just a few days after the shocking gang rape of a 23 year old girl in a bus in Delhi put the spotlight on the country’s inability to guarantee safety to its women. The incident is now a raging national issue with widespread debates and massive public outcry, asking for better laws, policing and a functioning criminal justice system.

The application will be particularly useful for women who live in large cities and have to travel alone at night to get home.Fightback

At present, the app works on Android, Nokia and Blackberry. It is ready for use once the user installs it on the phone. At the press of a panic button on the app, a location specific alert is sent out to the people you have chosen using text messages,

On an Android phone, by clicking the home key, the app can be sent to the background and by pressing the “!” key, it comes back on the main screen.

How does it work?

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