File Sharing Unplugged – List of File Sharing Applications

There are quite a good number of file sharing sites offering limited size sharing (most are free till 1 GB) to unlimited (premium memberships).

Here are a few options you would like to try:

  • You can send unlimited sized attachments using Lycos email,
  • Upload heavy files using GigaSize or Rapidshare ,
  • Split files using HJ Split or any file splitter, and share them,
  • Share unlimited size files/folders using Google Talk.
  • Use Yahoo’s Pando plugin (read the review here) to share upto a GB with your contacts.

One of the common issues across these file sharing sites is that one needs to upload the file (for bigger files- wait endlessly , and get knocked down by your system administrator for hogging the network bandwidth), and share the generated URL.

Uploading the file itself is a heck of a pain, since it is dependent on the network bandwidth, and even downloading the file is an equally painful process.

I have tried all these applications and none of them have worked for me.

While there are plethora of file hosting services on the internet, Zapr,(earlier called Zingee) has introduced quite an innovative solution ::

How does Zapr work?

  • You need to install the Zapr client,
  • Enter email address of people/group with whom you want to share the file,
  • Drag/drop the files you want to share.
  • Once you are done, Zapr will send out an email to your contacts with the download url link. (Your contacts don’t need to install the Zapr client to access the file.)

A major issue with Zapr service is that its mandatory to stay in the network till your friend downloads the file.

Great thing about Zapr is that for users, its a choice between parallel processing vs. sequential processing Parallel: Carry on with your regular work while your friend downloads the file using Zapr, vs. Sequential: Upload the file (wait..wait..and patiently wait), and share the generated URL, and then your friends start the download process (i.e. wait..wait..and patiently wait)

To me, Zapr makes a lot of sense as a product, but not too sure whether it works outside the firewall or not..? Moreover, their FAQ/Blog doesn’t mention the bandwidth hit one would encounter while sharing the biiiiig files..

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