FileFriend – A Social File Sharing Service [Is it necessary to Socialize Everything?]

Recently, as Dropbox started climbing the ladder of popularity, a lot of eyes and brains started turning towards the file sharing segment of online-media management. A little while ago BitTorrent came up with something they call “Share” which is currently in alpha stage. Share seems to be the biggest competitor to Dropbox. The biggest advantage for them is when there are group downloads. That is when the concept of seeding, just like torrents, comes into play and thus with multiple seeds being present during a group download, the file transfer speed is significantly improved.

FileFriend, on the other hand, is a new service, currently in beta, which adds a little social touch to File Sharing. It is a social sharing service, which gathers friends around files, offering a user friendly interface and simple navigation.

Drag and Drop feature in the browser itself

Ok, so what is that which makes these guys unique?

Firstly, I think, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc. though good to share files and pictures once a while, they aren’t what we call File Sharing services, right. The major problem is limited space, moreover since they are not meant to be used primarily for file sharing, thus the interface and experience of file sharing isn’t that good.

Secondly, for using FileFriend, you do not have to install a desktop application, which I believe is an added advantage over Dropbox or BitTorrent Share. It can be accessed right from the browser and with the social sharing included, you can simply add people to share the file with.

Some key features include:

  • Unlimited disk storage space (but for how long?)
  • Unlimited size of single file uploaded to the service (this is interesting, but again, for how long?)
  • Free of charge  (annual membership for all users who sign up to the service during the time of Beta development)
  • Facebook, Twitter, Google+ connect to sign in
  • Inviting Facebook friends directly from FileFriend
  • Keeping track of who of your friends from Facebook is already on FileFriend
  • Easy copying of friend’s files – so users can keep friend’s files “anchored” in their account for further viewing
  • Easy and hassle free social sharing among friends – any file can be recommended on Facebook, +1’d on Google+ or posted on Twitter in addition to sharing by e-mail, embedding on website/blog or direct linking.
  • Drag & Drop upload feature

Uploaded files may be stored in – “Private” folders, “For friends” folders and “Public” folders. Additionally, any folder may be password protected to create a selectively privileged area for particular files and friends.

File Sharing Module

Do give this service a try and leave in your comments about what you think about it. Also, what bothers me, do we really need to socialize everything?

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