Finally, India Officially Protests US Spying

BigBrother-YourCountryNeedsYou_thumb.jpgFinally, India has raised its voice against wide spread American telecommunications surveillance, which came to light when whistle-blower Edward Snowden made public the  details of US National Security Agency’s snooping software PRISM.

A diplomatic protest against recent spying activities by the US on countries including India has been launched. The Hindustan Times reported: during a 3 day visit to India, NSA chief Gen Keith Brian Alexander, the deputy chief of mission of the US embassy in Delhi was summoned to the ministry of external affairs over the Snowden disclosures.

The American official was told by Indian officials that commercial and political spying was unacceptable. The report said that American delegation denied the accusation.

Earlier, when it was reported that the American government’s spying software, called the Boundless Informant, has collected more than 6.3 billion pieces of intelligence from India in the month of March 2013 alone, the Indian government expressed surprise and said that it will seek details from the United States about the intelligence it gathered.

The center termed violation of domestic privacy of information laws “unacceptable.”

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