Finding An Auto Gets Easy in Delhi Using PoochO Mobile App [GovTech]

Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System (DIMTS) department has lauched PoochO mobile application that lets you discover the location of nearest autos and call the auto drivers directly on their personal mobile numbers to book a trip.poocho-app

Apart from this, the application will also provide information on the estimated fare, trip distance, travel time as well as the traffic condition on the route.

As far as the backend goes, Delhi’s Lt. Governer has mentioned that 24,000 autos in Delhi are fitted with GPS and are part of this initiative.

We have seen several such initiatives like mGaadi,the challenge however remains of the cartelization among auto drivers.

If you are in Delhi region, do give Poocho app a poocho and share your feedback.

Find Auto in Delhi (PoochO App)
Find Auto in Delhi (PoochO App)

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