Find Doctors & Book Appointments Online With Savetime [Currently only in Pune]

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Find Doctors & Book Appointments Online With Savetime [Currently only in Pune]

If you are looking for a doctor, chances are, you’d ask for someone’s recommendation. In most cases, the “right” doctor, can make a big difference. But it isn’t easy to find one. This is where Pune based online service Savetime wants to come in.Savetime

The service works on the phone and the web to help patients find a doctor based on different parameters that make him just the right one. Factors like distance of the doctor from the patients location, charges, recommendations and expertise are taken into account.

The startup, is targeting tech savvy workers who are mobile and have typically migrated to another city for work. Mitesh Bohra, the co-founder & CEO of the company is onto his third startup with this.

The startup is a result of a personal pain point Bohra came across after his return from the US. He couldn’t find a place for proper information on dentists for post operative care.

The service currently operates in Pune. We did some quick searches and found a decent number of listings on the site. The feature to send a doctor’s detail to someone you know right from the web interface is pretty helpful too. Searches can be based on symptoms, practice or even the doctors name and specialty.

The startup is backed by Seed Enterprises, an early stage fund for technology startups.

How does it work?

Stiff Competition

There are many other services like HealthcareMagic, which allows live interaction between doctors and patients, MeraMD; hospital and healthcare aggregator, Chennai based MocDoc & DocSuggest , that provide similar services. It is also a space where players like Practo have an established presence. Companies like webhealthcenter & MyDoctorsZone have shut down.

Unlike existing players, the company wants to take a community approach to the problem. “We want to be the Tripadvisor to healthcare. We come before patients get into transaction or book appointments,” said Mitesh.

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