Find Accomodation Near Your Workplace With MapMyRoof

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Find Accomodation Near Your Workplace With MapMyRoof

Every time we move to a new town for work, the one thing that tops our worry chart is the availability and proximity of  accommodation to the workplace. Many weekends are wasted on browsing through listings and making unsuccessful calls. Next time you find yourselves in such a spot, give a spin.

The portal provides property listing for a very niche clientele. The listing are specifically based on company locations. This service oriented website is particularly intended to help students and professionals who come from non metros to metro cities for work.

The properties are listed based on the proximity to companies and displayed using Google maps making it more easier to search and view them.  Currently the service is available in Gurgaon, Noida, Delhi,Bangalore, Pune and Mumbai.mapmyroof

Once the landing page is loaded, you can choose the city you want to look for accommodation in. Since usually the location of the company is not known until you reach the town, the search bar is preloaded with some company location that can be selected from a drop down menu. This is a very helpful function. Else if you are looking for accommodation in a particular locality, you can select the locality from the drop down menu instead of the company menu. Once this is done, you have to choose your price range and search.

the search results are displayed on google maps, with icons on the available locations. on hovering over the icons, they display a brief detail about the available accommodation. On a panel on the right are displayed other detailed information like rent range and contact information.

If you intend to give out a space for rent, you can do the same from the landing page. There is an option to list spaces that are available for rent here.

Registration is only required for individual or property owners or brokers who want to list their property on the website. Search function can be done without registering. The service currently has around 125 registered users.

The website could do with some interface improvements and debugging. The service provided by the portal seems to be very helpful and with a few improvements the service has a long way to go.

Rohitesh Sahu, Co-Founder said “We would be extending the service to other cities including Ahmedabad, Kolkata,Chennai,Hyderabad, Lucknow, Ghaziabad and a few others.”

After being left behind for a while as rest of the Internet moved on, online real estate classifieds seems to be finally catching up to web 2.0. A bunch of startups are trying to disrupt the space. We previously covered, a similar property listing site based out of Mumbai, which seems to be doing a great job with its service to people moving to Mumbai. PlanetGhar also takes a map based approach like

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