Find if your crush has a crush on you with Hitherto Crush [Student Startup]

She loves me/she loves me not? Oh well, find it out with Hitherto Crush developed by Piyush Bengani, a student at IIT Guwahati.hitherto

Hitherto Crush is targeted towards those who are unable to express their feelings to their crush out of hesitation, awkwardness and fear of embarrassment of the answer is NO. In short, the FOSLA* community.

How Hitherto Crush Works

Let us say X(boy) adds Y(girl) to his crushlist. As soon as X does it, Y will receive an email notifying that someone has added her in his/her crushlist.

As of now, Y won’t know that X added her to his crushlist until (hitherto)Y adds X to her crushlist. Below is the email (sample) that goes out when somebody adds their crush details on the site.

Hitherto Crush - Sample Email
Hitherto Crush - Sample Email

The moment two users add each other in their crushlist, they only will know that they have crush on each other and they will be notified for the same! In case user Y avoids the mail or adds Z (another boy she might have crush on) to her crushlist, user Y need not worry and thus plays safe and sound.

A fun concept? Well, this can be a HUGE success in colleges simply owing to WoM (word of mouth) and the inbuilt networking (plus fun) effect.

In terms of implementation, Hitherto Crush is currently very basic in nature and there is actually a Japanese startup building something similar using Facebook as the social layer.

Great concept – that can be taken to workplace too! What’s your suggestion to HithertoCrush team?

Aside, we would like somebody to build a similar service for investors and entrepreneurs too : )

* FOSLA = Frustrated One Sided Lovers Association.

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