Lost Your Mobile (And It’s In Silent Mode)? Try RemoteRinger [Appnomy Review]

App : Remote Ringer

What it does: Your mobile is in silent mode and you missed it somewhere nearby. You cannot find it by calling the number, as the mobile is in silent mode.  Remote Ringer Android App helps you to change your phone mode from silent to normal – via sending a SMS.

Developed by:  an Indian app developer Pradeep Pajiwar.

Appnomy Review: The reason this app looks so interesting to me is that I know how often we misplace our phones and to add to that the phone is left in silent mode. This app is a real saver for people who often misplace their phones.

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One of the best things about this app is the easy interface. The app has a nice fresh feel to it and can be configured in minutes. The app also includes a very detailed help section that will give exact directions to configure the app too. Enter an authorized number and a secret code, and your all set. Just send the secret code from the pre-configured number and you will receive a confirmation that the phone profile has been changed.

The main issue I see with this app is that only one number can be configured as an authorized number and nobody can guarantee that you will have the other number available to change the profile from silent to loud. Also the app only changes the state of the ringer, so you have to call back on the number to  make the phone ring. I wish the developers add a feature that makes the phone ring as soon as the SMS is received.

Download link here.

Rating: 3/5.

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