Healthkart launches generic drug search engine app [Find Medicine Information, Compare drug prices]

HealthKart which sells consumer healthcare goods online has launched a generic drug search engine which will help consumers to figure out what healthmedicines to take, dosage and compare them with others drugs. The search engine, HealthKartPlus, also has smartphone app which works on the iPhone and Android devices.

Using HealthKartPlus, you can also know how prescription medicines work and understand the required precautions. After downloading this application, users can now check for quality substitutes and learn about prices of medicines through their smartphones (other features include finding medicine information and comparing drug prices online).

Healthkartplus App

According to the company, many options may be available for the same kind of medicine and the price can vary up to 70 % or even more in some cases and this app will help consumers find out the right medicine.

You can download the app here.

Challenges in selling medicine online?

Selling healthcare products online is one thing but selling medicines is quite another. As pointed out by this insightful commentator on our forum, some of the problems with selling medicines online (from the comment) are

  • Payment gateways do not allow surgical items or medicines
  • Antiquated laws do not state whether we can sell or not sell medicines online. A pharmacy licence is needed.
  • Medicines are not standardized.
  • Other than over the counter drugs, no medicine can be sold without prescription.
  • Couriers do not accept some medicines since they are liquids or need special packaging considerations.

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