Sokanu is One Step to Finding that Perfect Career


Sokanu is One Step to Finding that Perfect Career

sokanu-logo Astronaut, Scientist, Doctor, Engineer or Farmer? I am sure all these thoughts crossed your mind as you grew up and wondered what you would be once you grow up. While we now may be in some profession or the other, am sure some people still have doubts if they are in the perfect profession.

While growing up our environment as well as the people around us would have played a massive role in the profession we are in now. We did not have too many tests or tools to help us with this decision. Nowadays there are a lot of ways to find out what career would suit us perfectly.

Sokanu is one such career-focused startup company, from Canada, that helps people find their perfect career. Members answer questions about their interests, values, and skills, and are matched to the careers with which the site deems compatible to them.

Sokanu refers to the project as the Career Genome Project. They have taken a database of over 500 careers and broken them down into 52 “genes”, or character traits. Using a matching algorithm similar to that of a dating site, they say, people are matched to careers based on these 52 traits.

The site has been in public beta since October 30, 2012. The goal of Sokanu is to help people learn more about themselves, whatever age they are, so they can find out what it is they are meant to do with their lives.

The platform definitely allows people to explore a wide variety of the options available to them and find out what makes them compatible, or incompatible, with each career.

How it Works?


When we tried out the service, we found it to be quite comprehensive and well thought out. After one registers, either with email or Facebook, one can enter the discover portion of the website and is put through the paces with questions ranging from various categories to figure out character traits. The categories include personality, interests, work environment, abilities and values. Each question has an extreme and also a mid point.

As one starts answering the questions, the top 5 career matches appear and change based on your ongoing answers. While going through the process, one can see how much of the process is done and also how compatible one is with each profession.

If one of the options does not interest you, you can hide it and it wont show up again.

There are over 200 questions, which takes a bit of time answering. So be prepared to spend about two hours or it is better if you do it in multiple sittings.

Anytime through the process, one can easily change the answer to a previous question and can also get details from the suggested careers.

When one explores a career, you will be given a brief description of the career, as well as your traits that are compatible or not with the particular career.  You can also read reviews about careers from other users or ask these users a question. We found this feature really good.

While there are 500 careers on the site, we found most of them very West oriented so finding those professions on this side of the world could be a little difficult. Also the questionnaire is a bit too long and we wished that there was a way that we could get through the process quicker.

The Team

The team consists of Spencer Thompson, who is the CEO and is just 21 years old. He has attended the London School of Economics to study Economics and Econometrics and was a finalist for Canada’s Top 20 Under 20 in 2011, and a Thiel Fellowship Finalist in 2011. He has spoken at Microsoft, SAP, and TiE Vancouver, and sits on the board of VEF Momentum and other education startups. The team also consists of developers Ryan West and Jean-Marc Skopek, who are developers, designer Jorgen Hookham, content manager Renee Masur and Kassandra Linklater who handles education partnerships.

A few months back, Mumbai-based ambitionME launched a student centric counselling platform which helps students with the career choosing process.

Confused about your career or still looking for one, we suggest you try out Sokanu, to help get you started on making the right choice.

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