3Pundits.com is an answer to, obviously, the 3 idiots story. Now you can search for the best & nearest school for your kid whenever you make shift. The website has a smart & simple interface that cuts across several type of searches which parents would like to undertake while finding the right school for their ward.

For example you can find search on a coed school around your home or look for a only girls school in a locality. There is a possibility of reviewing a school as well, which we believe is a powerful and desirable approach for the parent-teacher fraternity. Also 3Pundits  have separated playschools from the regular machinery which gives parents a better resolution of where their kid fits in. I think this is particularly helpful for the very young & anxious parents whose toddlers are just about to step inside a school.

Find Nearby Schools
Find Nearby Schools

Overall I will rate the intent and quality of results at A+ but here is what I feel that 3Pundits can improve upon: The logo and the interface. Getting some professional designer to do the 3 Pundits logo instead of using the  Paint Brush Curl MT font might give a better look to your identity. Also a question that I have for the three pundits (three co-founders) behind 3pundits.com is: What is the main action call for a user on your home page? Is it search for schools or sign up to contribute?

3Pundits looks like a useful site for young working parents in Indian metros and also for those who live outside of India and yet are looking for a school near their Grandparents’ home.

What do you think Pi readers?