Find What Changed on a Web Site [Diff IE]

Visited Gadgethon after a while? You can see what changed/latest updates on any website/webpage using an interesting addon developed by Microsoft Research team.


As you browse the web, you will start to notice how pages change. Since these changes are only tracked after you install Diff-IE, it may take a vist or two for these to show up on your favorite web site. Sites like Bing News that change every few minutes are more likely to show changes on your next revisit.

“The Web is constantly changing, but most tools used to access Web content deal only with what can be captured at a single instance in time. As a result, Web users may not have a good understanding of the changes that occur. In this paper we show that making Web content change explicitly visible allows people to interact with the Web in new ways. We present a longitudinal study in which 30 people used a Web browser plug-in that caches visited pages and highlights text changes to those pages when revisited. We used a survey to capture their understanding of Web page change and their own revisitation patterns at the beginning of use and after one month. For a majority of the participants, we also logged their Web page visits and associated content change. Exposing change is more valuable to our participants than initially expected, making them aware of how dynamic content they visit is and changing their interactions with it.” – download the research paper.


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