Find Your Secret Crush on Facebook With Hushh for Real

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Find Your Secret Crush on Facebook With Hushh for Real

Everyone at some point or the other in life has probably had a crush on someone. But most people are hesitant to make the first move. For those kind of folks here comes Hushh, the Facebook app that connects friends who have secret crush on each other.

Hushh is unlike a dating site and enables you to connect with people you already know rather than random strangers. Moreover, Hushh acts as a proverbial traffic signal – so you would know when to go for it, slow down or screech to a halt. Users can invite friends via Facebook or email id. The platform keeps the selection of the crush completely covetous.

How does it work?

Choose a maximum of five friends on Facebook who you secretly like. If they like you as well, you connect. If not, it stays a secret forever. The major feature of the application is the level of secrecy it provides.

Even if you connect with another person, both your identities remain hidden. It could be any one of the five people you have selected. It is up to users’ to figure out who the other person is and entirely in your hands to decide if and when to reveal your own identity.

The biggest USP of this app is the sense of secrecy and security. The fear of rejection is completely removed because your crush never finds out you selected them unless they’ve selected you too.

There is an inbuilt interactive platform, which allows connected users to chat secretly. The app also provides users with statistics on – total number of users, friends using Hushh, and number of friends who use Hushh and want to connect with you (in case but you haven’t selected).Hushh

Launched by  Saurabh Kaura, an IIT-Delhi and ISB alumnus – Hushh currently has a user base of 300+ users and so far the firm has not engaged in any formal advertising or promotion. Speaking about how idea of Hushh striked, Karua said “I came up with the Hushh concept in September 2012, while chatting with my college juniors about lack of platforms to help connect friends on Facebook who might have feelings for each other but are too shy to make the first move.”

In the next phase, Hushh plans to launch a game backed by the app which allows users to discover what other friends think about them. The users can tag any of their friends with Hushh Tags (cool to hang out with, drop dead gorgeous etc). Hushh randomly selects 2 users who have tagged each other and makes them play a game to guess who the person is and what they tagged.

“We also plan to launch a private ratings board that display how many people have tagged you in different categories,” said Karua. The company is currently looking to raise external funding to launch the app on mobile platforms including Android and iOS.

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