Finding community market fit: Here is how to design your community

I’ve seen “community designers” turn a cute product into a cult product worth $200,000,000+ Community designers are the new marketers 10 tweets about community design to 10x your business:
What is a Community Designer (CD)? The Chief Product Officer of the community They supercharge your company’s community Pretty useful stuff
A Community Designer responsibilities include: – Identify the community – Distill insights – Recruit founding members – Design community space – Create community manifesto – Design incentive structures – Work with product/eng/CM to build community – Make it fun
Why does my company need a Community Designer? – Because your retention will go up – Because your word-of-mouth will go up – Because not all communities are created equal Not investing in a community designer is expensive
What is the difference between a Community Manager and a Community Designer? Great question! – Community manager: makes sure the ship is smooth sailing, the captain – Community designer: is the ship’s architect Note: often, the community manager IS the community designer
What does success look like for a Community Designer? – A Product Manager strives for product/market fit – A Community Designer strives for community/market fit Success means retention and word-of-mouth skyrocket
What is community/market fit? People walk into the space and it makes them feel like alive It’s thriving, energetic, inclusive, invigorating and brings them back
The new 2022 marketing playbook 1. Build audience (TikTok, IG etc) 2. Build minimum viable community (IRL, Discord etc) cc @alexisohanian 3. Iterate to community/market fit (product iteration) 4. Scale (expand to new communities or deeper within current community)
A good community designer: ships a community experience they THINK the community will like A great community designer: ships a community experience they KNOW the community will like Point: a great community designer walks in lockstep with their community
Community managers are a HIGHLY underrated hire for startups But, community designers are barely on the map This will change over the next decade
Something I observed building some of the world’s largest internet communities: Communities don’t thrive by accident Hiring a community designer could be the most impactful hire you make in your company

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