Firefox Download Day and a look at FF Loving Countries

FireFox 3 will be released tomorrow (i.e June 17th) and the FF team is gearing up for making an entry in “Guinness Book of World Records” for the most downloaded software in 24 hours.

As we approach the D-day (or F-day?), lets look at numbers pledged from different countries:

  • US: 221, 036,Canada : 37,084,Russia: 36,375,China: 19,889
  • Japan: 52, 397,India: 26, 196,Poland: 90,708,Germany: 56, 103
  • UK: 54, 179,Australia: 23,524,Brazil: 87,348

firefox pledge

Is it fair to judge a nation’s geekiness by looking at these numbers? What do you think?

What’er happens to FF’s entry in Guinness Book of world records, FF3 faces stiff competition from Opera 9.5.

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