Know how and when your personal data has been breached using Firefox Monitor


Know how and when your personal data has been breached using Firefox Monitor

Supreme Court Of India in it’s judgement on Aadhaar on 26th September 2018, stressed on Government Of India, to adopt and enforce a strong data protection law.

We have also impressed upon the respondents, as the discussion hereinafter would reveal, to bring out a robust data protection regime in the form of an enactment on the basis of Justice B.N. Srikrishna (Retd.) Committee Report with necessary modifications thereto as may be deemed appropriate.” – Paragraph 219 (f)

While inarguable this is strongly needed and a welcome step for hundreds of millions of customer who entrust their data to consumer startup(s) and GoI; the very basic question which arises is, the law would take some time on it’s own, which would force the mushrooming startups, to take the ownership of data seriously.

It would not be too much to say for these startups that, “With a customer, comes great responsibility”; but more than often it has been found lacking.

Just recently a prominent Indian startup was found to have suppressed the information that it’s databases has been breached and customer has been compromised.

A customer is virtually on the mercy of the company, to not only protect it’s data but also to take corrective measures, if her data has been compromised; since companies don’t voluntarily declare the data breach.

Enter, Firefox Monitor.

Firefox has released a new tool for everyone, which monitors the users email address against the data breaches which happens, and then alerts the user, so that it can take corrective actions.

Also, the first time, a user submits her email address, she gets a complete report of all the previous data breaches, where her credentials have been compromised.

A consumer startup worth it’s salt shall include the link to Monitor in its footer! That would be true ownership of a customer and her data.

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