DailyDose: Attention Developers- Mozilla launches Firefox OS Simulator 1.0

Mozilla launches Firefox OS Simulator 1.0

The Operating System simulator which was launched officially three weeks ago is now stable for a 1.0 launch. The simulator is a Firefox extension for developers to test their apps on Mozilla’s new mobile operating system.  Mozilla also announced per window private browsing to Firefox. It will allow users to open private windows without having to close the entire browsing session. [Source] Download it here. After installing it, go to Web Developer > Firefox OS Simulator to access its features.

Yahoo revamps e-mail. Again

Yahoo Inc rolled out new versions of its popular Web email on Tuesday, the first major product makeover since Chief Executive Marissa Mayer took the helm of the struggling Internet company five months ago. [Source]

Blake Irving is GoDaddy’s new CEO

Web domain registration and hosting company GoDaddy’s new CEO is Blake Irving. Irving was the chief product officer at Yahoo before he left the struggling Internet company in April 2012. He is set to take over at GoDaddy on January 7, 2013. [Srouce]

Microsoft expands Surface RT production

It’s hard to tell if Microsoft’s Surface RT is a sales hit, but according to the company, retailer interest is high. As a result, Microsoft is expanding production and will be allowing third-party retail stores to carry the device earlier than it planned. [Source]

Wikipedia Edits Fundraising Strategy

Its that time of the year when you see the mans photo appear on various websites and interviews. This year, Wikipedia will target only 8 of the nations where the crowd sourced encyclopedia has the biggest user base during the 16 day fund raising effort. Later, it will run shorter campaigns in other countries. [Source]

Europe agrees on a Patent system

After four decades of wrangling, the European parliament adopted a uniform patent system for the region. The plan is supposed to be effective from early 2014. The new system is expected to help innovation in the region. European leaders are also debating a uniform system for banking regulation and supervision for the euro zone. [Source]

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