This research might suggest why Mukesh Ambani is more successful than Anil Ambani

This is now scientifically proven; if you are the first child then you are possibly smarter than your siblings.
Economists at the University of Edinburgh found out in their latest researches that the eldest child in the family tends to be clever than their younger siblings. The research was conducted on nearly 5,000 children who were monitored from pre-birth to 14 years of age. The survey was conducted every two years and children were evaluated on a number of categories, including reading, vocabulary assessment, and matching letters.
The results concluded that the firstborns scored higher in IQ Test than their siblings even at the early age of one.
Researchers said the findings could be explained by first-born children receiving more mental stimulation and support in developing thinking skills from their parents during their early years.
So if you are younger sibling you can blame your parents….. studies found out that parents are usually focusing more on the first born, they participate in activities like reading playing etc. thereby developing their brains
Firstborns are apparently given more support when young and provided more with guidance in thinking. Subsequently, the kid grew up to perform better on tests. And life, it seems.
This does not mean at all that younger children are loved any less. Every child in the family received the same degree of emotional support; it is just that parents spend relatively less time in brain stimulating activities.

The amount of attention which is received by the elder child does great work in boosting their personality and self-confidence and as the family grows the attention gets divided and younger children don’t receive that much consideration as the first child.

Studies also show that first born tends to be more successful in life. We have a living example of Mukesh Ambani and Anil Ambani.
The businessmen head two businesses which till recently were one entity. According to stats from 2012, Mukesh Ambani has the net worth $22.3 billion and is first India to become trillionaire (according to Indian currency) whereas Anil Ambani whose net worth is $7.8 billion.
Obviously, this doesn’t apply to all but a general consideration.

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