Startup FitPhilia is re-imagining treadmill using gamification

Wonder why some of us are more fitter than others? Because fitter people enjoy working out more than others. What if there was a way for everyone to enjoy running. There is, gamification.
Fitmill comes with15.6″ touchscreen using which you can enjoy news/music etc, but importantly is integrated with Fitrunner, a gamified platform for Treadmills.
FitRunner’s gameplay and stages are structured in a way that helps beginners slowly increase the pace and duration. FitRunner has 21 stages and each stage has fixed duration of run. Each stage has 4 different levels where you get slightly tougher opponents after each passing level. There by slowly increasing you strength over levels and stamina over stages.

Location : Bangalore, India

Note from the founders: With both the founders working in the IT sector, they struggled with their fitness and one day started FitPhilia with the aim of making fitness affordable and convenient. FitPhilia started with renting of fitness equipment so that customers can workout at their home at their will. But soon they realized that it is helping only a few customers and not the masses. The problem they identified was motivation. To solve motivation, we chose gamification and built FitMill.

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