Fiverr CEO’s open letter to AI : follow the humans’ lead, and you’ll do just fine

Fiverr founder and CEO, Micha Kaufman has an open letter for AI applications (like chatGPT) which often is touted as a competitor to freelancers.

Dear Al,

As an advocate for human talent, allow me to assure you that we come in peace.

You are a unique and powerful tool, capable of extraordinary feats. However, after reviewing some of your work, I believe it could benefit from a human touch to avoid coming across as too, ahem… robotic.

I believe that’s where our freelancers can help by giving you some personality, leading to better results. When we work together, wonderful things happen, as exemplified by this letter that you helped write. Thank you, by the way. Look at us, we’re already finishing each other’s sentences. Literally.

For these reasons and more, we at Fiverr have decided to add Al categories to our catalog of services, including ChatGPT application developers, Midjourney artists, Al chatbot developers, and more.

Don’t worry, follow the humans’ lead, and you’ll do just fine.

I sincerely hope you receive this message, as, despite your impeccable reading skills, you still lack the ability to flip a page.

Here’s to a successful partnership.

Yours truly,

Micha Kaufman,

Founder and CEO, Fiverr