Tech News : Flickr Adds Face Tagging, Bing & Google Add Twitter Search

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Flickr Adds Face Tagging

Called ‘People in Photos’, Flickr’s new feature enables you to do face tagging of people in photos, find photos of people you know, and manage which photos you’re in (i.e. opt-out if you are tagged in a photo).


To add someone to a photo, you can either type in the member’s name, much like you’d add a tag, or you can draw a face boundary on the photo, as with a note. People in Photos has been wired into your Recent Activity.- details

An interesting feature and while one would argue that your social network stays at Facebook (and you’d rather do face tagging on Facebook), Flickr does allow searching for Flickr members via email id, ensuring that you are able to get your contacts.

Apple India Updating Catalogue since 12 Hours

For the last 12 hours or so, Apple India catalogue section is down and the site is displaying ‘We are updating our catalogue. We will be back soon’. We hope something interesting lies ahead. Any idea?

Bing & Google Add Twitter Search

Huzzah! Bing has added Twitter search (in order to use the service, change country to US) : as well as Facebook status updates.

twitter bing

Google too has announced an integration of Twitter search in it’s search results (just the announcement, no implementation!).

While Bing has a separate page for Twitter search, be assured that Google will ‘really’ integrate Twitter search in it’s search results.

Who wins in the long run?

Windows 7 is biggest grossing pre-ordered product of all time

The launch of Windows 7 has superseded everyone’s expectations, storming ahead of Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows as the biggest-grossing pre-order product of all time at – source

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