Yahoo Gets Tough on Sign-ins; No More Facebook and Google Login for Flickr

The rate at which Yahoo was losing the social login battle, this was inevitable. The company is getting serious about fending off competition from Facebook & Google. Starting next month, you won’t be able to use your Facebook or Google login to access your Flickr account.

This morning, Yahoo owned Flickr said

After June 30, Flickr will remove the option to sign in with a Facebook or Google account. Instead, you will be able to sign in using a Yahoo account. To create your Yahoo account click “Get Started” below.

As we’d written earlier, Facebook is quickly becoming THE online identity provider for a lot of people and services. In the process, it is finishing off rivals like Yahoo!Between January- March, social login aggergator Gigya’s report found that Facebook powered 58% of the social logins while Google trailed behind at 28% followed by Yahoo at 13% and Twitter at 4%.

The growth of Facebook & Google comes at the expense of Yahoo. Time to stem the tide!

Last year, Flickr started offering 1TB of free storage to its users, announcing its grand comeback into the photo sharing business.