Of Flickr video, user loyalty/riot and community management

Flickr users love Flickr and any forced change/disruption in usage behavior makes the community rip off their fav picture sharing site.

The newly launched Flickr video is going thru’ a similar riot and users are creating Flickr groups like NO VIDEO ON FLICKR!!! (10K members), We Say NO to Videos on Flickr (24K members), have launched a petition; and what is really upsetting the users is not just the video per se, but that:

  • Flickr users flock to the site for pics, not videos.
  • Unlike the high quality pics, Flickr may not be able to maintain the same quality in videos.

A few comments from users:

“the biggest thing i have against video is that flickr isnt even attempting to claim videos should have any artistic merit, more of a dumping ground for videos of peoples kids than a site for talented videographers”

flickr video

flick on video

“We don’t need another YouTube! I have nothing against YouTube, I just don’t want to see all the $*#% that on there to wind up on here!”

“Adding video to flickr is a horrible move for the brand, for the long-term health of flickr, and for the user community. I strongly suggest hitting flickr management on this point”

These riots are nothing new to Flickr founders and as Heather Champ, the community manager mentioned earlier:

“..any online community could benefit by taking feedback from the first 48 hours with a heavy pinch of sodium. “Anything that is new and different can be difficult for some people,” she says, so gut reactions can’t always be trusted. “The feedback you get over the first two weeks is less reactionary and a lot more thoughtful.”

What’s your take on Flickr video? I liked the user experience, so far and don’t really have anything super-against them.

But the challenge that lies ahead for Flickr is definitely in maintaining a clear differentiation from YouTube; and raising the bar for high-quality videos.

Will Flickr live up to that expectation?

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