FlickXPress – DVD Rental Service Delivered via Automated Kiosks

Flickxpress is a newly launched DVD rental service that is attempting to bring the DVD shop near to your place, maybe inside your apartment itself..in the form of flickxpress automated kiosks.

Flickxpress is setting kiosks inside few apartments in Bangalore ; and one can use these kiosks to conduct all sorts of dvd rental transactions (i.e browse/rent/pay etc) using the membership swipe card.

While one is tempted to ask, how can they compete with biggies like Reliance’s BigFlix and seventymm, I see an important difference in their offering they are bringing the kiosk closer to your home.

flickxpress kiosk

Why is location important?

Because DVD renting is quite an exploration/unplanned process and most of the times, one ends up renting a DVD which wasn’t planned earlier. Having a setup closer to one’s home is definitely an added advantage.

But not sure whether this “minor” advantage can help them thwart the competition which does home delivery for free (BigFlix and seventymm).

What’s your opinion on FlickXpress?

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