Flipkart claims to have crossed the platinum number of 75 million registered users, making it the first online retail marketplace to reach this milestone in a single country after United States and China.

As per TRAI, number of broadband connections in India stands at 121 million and Flipkart’s registered customer base stands at over 61% of the entire wireless and wire-line broadband connections in India.

Recently Flipkart had crossed the 50 million installs mark on the Android Playstore.

As per Morgan Stanley report, Flipkart enjoys a plum 45% market share which is equivalent to the combined market share of the next three players and 60% market share of mobile commerce. The same report also states that the number of online shoppers in India stands at 50 million.

Question for Flipkart:

  • Is Flipkart bigger than total number of shoppers online?

The February 2016 report by Morgan Stanley puts the number of online shoppers in India at 50 million, while the Assocham- PwC report of March 2016 said 55 million people purchased something online in 2015, while Flipkart is claiming 75 million user base.

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  • 75 million ‘REGISTERED USERS’ does not mean that they are all TRANSACTING Users. I may have an account with Flipkart (Phone no, email ID etc) but may not have yet bought something.
    It is not necessary to count a person as an User only after he/she bought something on the platform. Browsing the site/app AND Registration is enough to be called an User. There is nothing wrong with the numbers shared by Flipkart.