Flipkart Offers Employees Who Adopt Children A 50K Allowance, Leave Benefits

After setting a new benchmark for all Indian companies with its new maternity leave policy, Flipkart is back to playing good guy with an adoption assistance program.

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The company is offering an allowance of Rs 50,000 to employees who adopt a child which can be used towards “legal, agency, regulatory costs or any other expenses that may arise during the adoption process”.

Flipkart is probably the first company in India to roll out such a scheme. Here are the details:

  • Women who adopt children under the age of 12 months can avail all the benefits under Flipkartā€™s maternity leave policy.
  • If the child being adopted is under 12 months of age, a women employee can avail 6 months of paid leave and another 4 months of flexible hours.
  • If the child being adopted is over 12 months of age, the woman employee can avail for up to 3 months of paid leave and 4 months of flexible working hours.
  • Men on the other hand can avail up to 6 weeks of paid leave within the first 6 months of adoption and 4 months of flexible working hours.

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