High time Flipkart grows up? We are talking about the ads

Saw the latest Flipkart ads and while I liked it, I strongly believe that Flipkart really needs to revisit its ad strategy.
Because these ads lack punch.
Flipkart is bound by its own creations – i.e. the kids in the ad and the story is too predictable. Isn’t it high time, the company grows out of this (literally!)?
On the other hand, I am a huge fan of ‘Chonkpur cheetahs ad’ by Amazon India. They are cheesy, catchy and were very fresh when they launched (+ delivered great RoI).

Tying oneself to the theme is good – makes it predictable, but frankly predictability in marketing ads is meh..

Flipkart ads are nice. But neither do they have any ‘OMG’ feel nor are cheesy or catchy anymore. They are just nice.
And nice ads finish last.

For Flipkart, the company really needs to think afresh – and do something different. I am guessing that the entire TV ad/marketing stars with one constraint – the (kids) theme.
Limits creativity. Consistently.
Forces a ‘standard’ thinking by design.

Is a safe bet.

High time Flipkart makes the elephant dance?
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