Flipkart And Amazon #SoreLosers

  1. So Flipkart lost Moto account to Amazon. Not just monetary loss, but a big blow to Flipkart (for sure).
  2. Now that Amazon is all geared to launch the new Moto devices, Flipkart runs print/online ads in order to spoil Amazon’s party (with some massive discounts on older Moto devices).
  3. Amazon, on the other hand allegedly paid influencers / promoted tweets to ensure #SoreLoserFlipkart trends.

And it’s trending.

A bit of ambush marketing – but fall from grace (for both)? What’s your take? What exactly are they trying to prove by bringing each other down? Does this speak of insecurity they are going through ?


Checkout the drama from both sides (grab some popcorn).

  1. are articles here ever whetted with actual facts? why would you think Amazon would ever stoop from it’s high standards to do such a thing. i am an amazon employee and this never happens.
    also, FK did a good marketing campaign. they should be given due credit

  2. As if Amazon discusses everything with you! do you remember how Amazon created a domain for bigbillionday.com

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